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Being a facilitator at the Character Challenge Course is a rewarding and enriching experience. Course Directors are always in search of passionate individuals with a sense of adventure. To apply, simply fill out the following paperwork or call (218) 760-8442 email: info@characterchallengecourse.com

things to do, Park Rapids

After receiving a thorough Level 1 certification in the basics of belaying, harnessing and basic safety and rescue, you will receive additional training on how to facilitate and relate a participant’s experience to their lives. These opportunities can and do create life changing events, and we get a front row seat!


In addition to the opportunity to be a part of these life changing events and a great feeling of satisfaction that comes with it, there are some other tangible benefits to being on the C4 Team. (And you are absolutely a part of the TEAM at C4)

  • Starting hourly wage between $11-$15/hour
  • 10% commission on all tickets sold
  • Limited number of free tickets to be used per season
  • Flexible scheduling
  • Opportunity for continuing education hours
  • Potential gas stipend depending on driving distance from the course (negotiable)

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We need facilitators who are:

  • Willing to be flexible
  • Confident in front of people
  • Willing to try to new things
  • Good Communicators
  • Able to take direction and provide it to others

You are NOT required to climb to be a facilitator but preference is given for those who are from the local area and are willing to climb the course. C4 boasts a tremendous opportunity to grow personally and help to change the lives of others. Come get an experience of a lifetime and join our team today or contact us for more information!

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