“Team Building is the fuel that allows common people to attain uncommon results.” -Anonymous

Attain Uncommon Results

Team building is more than a cliche at C4…it is a phenomenon. You will accomplish more in 6 hours with your team than you thought imaginable. If explosive motivation, infectious exhileration, and change is your goal… C4 is your Minnesota team building destination. We have worked extensively with athletic teams from junior high through college. Our highly trained facilitators are educators, former college athletes, high school coaches, and business owners. Experiencing the sensation of dangling from a tree 35′ in the air, your team will be forced to reach their fullest potential. We start by having you set goals for your team that we incorporate into our instruction. We will work specifically on teamwork, communication, imagery, concentration, and performance. Trust us…you will attain results. All team leaders will leave with a set of debriefing questions, further team building ideas, and tangible ways to implement future growth.

Results at C4

  • Break down invisible walls
  • Develop trust
  • Push past perceived limits
  • Attain a common goal
  • Commit to the team and vision
  • Communicate and collaborate
  • Use concentration, imagery, and performance

Team Building Links

  • Wilderom Team Building: A great resource for teachers, coaches, and managers for ice breakers and activities to develop relationships.
  • Personal Goal Setting: A resource for setting goals both long-term and short-term.
  • Oak Harbor Cheer: Team building article that sheds light on some classic team events.
  • Resident Assistant: This site lays out information for anyone who works with organizing a group or needs to put together activities to bring a group closer together.
  • Funergizers: Products that are affordable and applicable to all types of team building.

Contact Travis or Sarah today to develop a program specific for your team and to meet unique goals. C4 can offer multi-faceted team building while keeping your school or organization on budget. We provide mobile events as well and can facilitate programs for 200+!