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High Ropes Course

These high elements are used for team building or for an adrenaline rush. The elements that are completed individually incorporate team members to belay, support, and encourage. Some of the elements require a partner, teamwork, communication, and collaboration to achieve the desired goal. There are many character skills woven into these elements that make them effective for team building.

3G Swing

The 3G swing, also termed the “Pant Loader”,  is a solo element that pushes a participant past their fears and develops confidence and committment. An option as an individual element, the 3G Swing is set on a 27 foot platform. The name 3G comes from the 3 Gs of force one experiences from the fall! Participants must take a step off from the platform and free fall until the slack tightens. This element requires courage, but provides one of the biggest thrills at C4. Weight limit of 250 lbs. applies to this element.
Northern Minnesota’s #1 attraction for adrenaline!

Leap of Faith

The leap of faith is a solo element that incorporates goal setting and committment. An element where participants climb to the top of a utility pole approximately 25 feet off the ground. From the top of this pole, a climber must obtain balance and composure, then jump to a trapeze bar 5 feet away. Before they do, they must set a goal. The trapeze bar serves as a metaphor as they are “Leaping” towards it. Weight limit of 275 lbs. applies to this element.

Team Ladder

The team ladder is a partner element that incorporates communication, teamwork, and learning to ask for help. A ladder is composed of routered 4x4s and suspended by cables. The 4x4s begin 3 feet apart and the distance increases as you climb the element. The element is conquered by 2 people working together with help from their team as they are belayed. Weight limit of 250 pounds applies to this element.

Flying Squirrel

After being tied to a rope that is connected to a group of people, the participant runs in one direction, the group in the other. Once the slack is tightened, the person will be pulled 40′ into the air! Trust, letting go of control, communication and some good old hard work are involved in this thrilling element. Weight limit of 250 pounds applies to this element.

Commitment Bridge

The committment bridge is a partner element that focuses on trust, committment, and dedication to a desired goal. This activity requires two people work together and trust one another as they navigate a growing gap between two high wires 35 feet in the air. Partners are forced to rely on each other’s weight and balance to maximize their distance covered. Weight limit of 250 lbs. applies to this element.

Low Ropes Course

Teams rotate through a series of low-impact team building activities to motivate participants to work together as a team. This engaging session uses hands-on activities to develop group dynamics and enthusiasm. We will custom fit our curriculum and programming to meet your group’s goals and objectives. Please call for pricing and how we can incorporate these into your program. Team building activities produce powerful insights into the learning process. Role playing exercises can help develop interpersonal skills.

These low ropes elements are a series of obstacles and activities that are 1’-2’ off the ground. Through these challenges, your group will have the opportunity to test their abilities, discover skills, and practice new ideas. Using these new skills, your group will be able to achieve goals that were previously unattainable.

Elements include:

  • Mohawk Walk w/Low Multivine
  • Wild Woozy/Tension Traverse
  • Games and Initiatives Grab Bag
  • Rope Swing (Nitro Crossing, Prouty’s Landing)
  • Swinging Log
  • Initiative Wall
  • TP Shuffle
  • Islands
  • All Aboard
  • Bog
  • Spider’s Web
  • Trust Fall Platform
  • And hundreds of ground challenges and initiatives that will be customized to your specific group!
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