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High Ropes Challenge Course– These mind challenging and heart pounding elements give you a chance to test your ability to conquer fear and build self-confidence. C4 has a top challenge course in Minnesota. If you can climb a ladder, you can accomplish this venture with success. You will traverse on a series of cables, platforms, and ropes 35 feet in the air. Our elements are built in the pines and we use a safety system that few other courses offers. Just bring your adrenaline, motivation, and a will to succeed! Are you ready for a zipline Minnesota? The course is capped off with a thrilling 370′ zip line ride.

Vertical Climb:

The high ropes course begins with a 35′ climb up a tree. Tethered to a rope and always kept secure, you will be challenged physically as you step on giant staples on your way up to the first platform.

Burma Bridge:

You will traverse a bridge made of three main cables: a foot line and two hand lines that are connected by ropes at regular intervals. Be prepared as this element has the most swing and challenges you to overcome fears!

Postman’s Walk:

An element with only two parts: the foot and hand line. The key to a successful and sturdy traverse is counterintuitive; you must lean your bodyweight against the hand line and prepare to trust!

Jungle Line Walk:

This element uses a metal foot cable for balance as you move from one high platform to another with a rope that runs overhead with many “grapevines” (vertical hand lines) dropping down as handholds.

Indiana Jones Bridge:

An element where you walk on planks 10 inches or so apart and 35 feet off the ground. This element was built among a grove of pines and the view is spectacular! The walk through open space between planks takes on a new dimension of mental difficulty. Remember, this last element brings you closer to the finish: a massive zip line, a great way to finish off your experience at C4.

Zip Line:

The C4 Challenge Course concludes with a thrilling 370′ zipline ride. If you are looking to zip line in Minnesota, you’ve come to the right place! A weight limit of 250 pounds exists on the zip line and all participants should be able to move freely once on the course.

Ziplining has become popular in many parts of the world. Having the zip line at the end of the course provides a fantastic finish and sense of accomplishment. Few facilities in Minnesota offer a zip line experience. We aim to be a top “thing to do” in northern Minnesota. Contact us today or make your reservation below.


Wanting a little extra adventure? C4 provides multiple options for thrill seekers! All add-ons are $10/each per person unless otherwise noted)

  • Leap of Faith: Climb to the top of a telephone pole, tell us a goal for your life, then jump to a trapeze bar about 5′ in front of you. Sounds easy enough right?
  • Giant Swing: Get pulled up nearly 30′ by your group, then give a “Fear Not!” shout out before pulling your rip cord. Experience a head first dive towards the ground and swing ride.
  • Arboreal Tree Climb: Climb a beautiful Norway Pine nearly 40′ up using rock wall hand holds. (Suitable for ages 5-up)
  • Youth Adventure Package: (this package cost is $15/each) Includes the Tree Climb and a T-Shirt. Suitable for ages 5-17)

Participation & Supervision Requirements

Minimum age: 7 years old
Minimum height: Varies. Shorter participants may need to be assisted by an adult in the group.
Maximum weight: 250 lbs (subject to harness fit-contact us with questions)

Supervision:  One participating adult (18+) is required to supervise up to two 7-12 year olds. 13-17 year olds do not require a supervising adult, but do require a waiver signed by their legal guardian or an adult (18+) who has obtained permission from the 13-17 year olds legal guardian.  For 13-17 year olds, we recommend printing the waiver at home and bringing a signed copy with you to C4 or simply printing the waiver from here.

Harnesses: At C4 we use harnesses to make sure you’re nice and safe throughout your time on the course. The maximum waist measurement of the harness is 43 inches and the leg loops (which go around the top of your thighs) is 28 inches. If you’re unsure about the fit of the harness, feel free to come by the office before your “Tree-Time” and we’ll help you try one on.

For more information, check out our FAQ page.


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